What does Kosovo resemble when we wake up in the morning? How is our love for one another portrayed? What is about the way the Kosovo streets captivate us and send us walking to the nearest cafe? What is so fascinating about that cafe? By whom is the existence of our own beauty defined? What thoughts does others think when their eyes stare at this country of ours? How strong is our love for it as it stands right now or as we want to see it stand?

The selected photos represent the purest illustration of the feelings by the people breathing in this country. They channel the views from the eyes of the youngsters that wake-up in the city center, in the sprawling suburbs, in the picturesque villages, on the magnificent mountain peaks, or at dazzling festival parties and after-parties all over this country. So yes, these are the photos that we wanted to showcase in this edition of #instakosova / #instakosovo and these are the select photos that your eyes will gaze upon in this book.

The single most outstanding photo, out of the many incredible ones, is the one that you see as the winner. The breathtaking view and the vivid experience shown in Sara's photography is undeniably sincere, pure, real, and lush with life - a charming snapshot of friends that seem to have all the world bubbling within them, conveying a state of limitless utopia with each other and with us as viewers. It is not a photo that is instantly noticeable, but it is one whose beauty gracefully grows and multiplies as you stare at it, just like Kosovo is not an instantly noticeable country on the map. Yet, the beauty of it stands in the experience you feel, in the relationships you enjoy, and in the honesty upon which these relationships are built.

Kosova is a land of the forever young, of everlasting love, of intricate feelings and common spaces. Sara's photo, which is the perfect resemblance to Kosova, conveys that - in all of its glory. We thank for the opportunity given to us by Kosovo MFA in observing Kosovo from thousands of angles and sharing with you readers those that we found most appropriate.

The Jury.

Sara Rodiqi | Camping at Ngom Fest | Prizren

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